22 August, 2012 DB6 Amazing New handheld PC running Window
The new Handheld is Fully MIL-STD Certified, It Has Atom CPU running Window, up to 8 hour Battery and Sunlight readable 5” Touch screen.
Customers Can add to it their own or COTS cards, Software and connectors and come up with their own custom PC,
Weighting only 800gr It is an amazing Hand held PC, the device has been tested and approved by dozens of defense industry projects.
20 August, 2012 NEW – Get free DB6 Demo To help develop your new Hand Held PC product
ALegible for a free Demo are Israeli Companies
Developing and marketing PC based Window applications
for the military, Homeland Security, and industrial markets.
Companies interested in testing their application on this amazing small Hand held Rugged computer
May contact “zeev” at 098351166 And order a demo unit.
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Mediatek Rugged Computer Systems is part of the privately-held Mediatek Group, established in 1984. Company has over twenty years of experience in providing Industry with  Computers and Peripherals. Over the Years Mediatek has become synonymous with quality, reliability and integrity.

In 2000, following almost a decade of strong growth, the Mediatek Group launched its Rugged Computer Systems subsidiary. This group built on Mediateks  Group experience in Commercial computing to offer the Market robust, MIL-STD-compliant computer, communications and Power Systems  for a wide range of applications in the military as well as the  defense Industries .

Mediatek Rugged Group Sale and Technical personnel, Have years of experience in Offering customers optimized computing solutions  that can fill the requirments for rugged equipment in Military projects.


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