Rocky DF-7 & Rocky DB -7

14 January, 2016

Rocky DF7A & Rocky DB7

MilDef is proud to release two new products in the Mobile Computer segment - The Rocky DF7A Android and the Rocky DB7 Tablet PC. Both products are certified to MIL-STD-810G and MIL-STD-461F. The DB7 is rated to IP65 whereas the DF7A is rated to IP66.

Rocky DF7A
The new form factor makes it especially suitable for the dismounted platoon/company commander and for specialists. Perfect for applications where you need high connectivity in a small and lightweight device while providing the familiarity of the Android operating system.
 Rocky DB7

With the Rocky DB7, you have all the performance of a full-size computer in a device the size of a PDA. It’s also exceptionally flexible with a nearly endless amount of customization options. These options include RS232, USB, LAN, and  GPS, among many more.

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