Military standards for equipment durability MIL-STD

High level  Durability and Complience with Military standards  are the basic condition for equipment usage in military projects.

Defining The exact MIL Standard requiered  for the project  is an important element in selecting the right product at the right price.

Correct definition of the  MIL-STD  required, improves  your chance of winning The project, Price differences between full-mil-std equipment  and 

and Partial military equipment is substential , Therfore Engineers needs to fully understand  the equierment in order to wiun the BID.

To help help you in selecting  the right  equipment for the project,  Mediatek offers Equipment in 3 Mil-STD levels:

Rugged equipment - Meets Enviromental MIL-STD-810

Fully rugged equipment -Meets  MIL-STD 810F / G, 461E

Super  rugged -  built for 70G shock and temperatures beyond MIL-STD

Mediatek offers : 3 product lines, in 3 levels of Ruggedness  to ensure optimal design.

Mediatek  provides free consulting in adapting equipment to your project.

Below Please find detailed explanation of the diffrent  standards  - PRESS " MIL - 1"

Also below is explanation of the different  IP Standards  - PRESS " SUMMERY OF IP RATING”

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