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Rocky DF-7 & Rocky DB -7

14 January, 2016 Rocky DF7A & Rocky DB7

MilDef is proud to release two new products in the Mobile Computer segment - The Rocky DF7A Android and the Rocky DB7 Tablet PC. Both products are certified to MIL-STD-810G and MIL-STD-461F. The DB7 is rated to IP65 whereas the DF7A is rated to IP66.

Rocky DF7A
The new form factor makes it especially suitable for the dismounted platoon/company commander and for specialists. Perfect for applications where you need high connectivity in a small and lightweight device while providing the familiarity of the Android operating system.

Rocky DB7

With the Rocky DB7, you have all the performance of a full-size computer in a device the size of a PDA. It’s also exceptionally flexible with a nearly endless amount of customization options. These options include RS232, USB, LAN, and GPS, among many more.

Rock DS11 & Rocky RV11

14 January, 2016 MilDef is proud to release two new products in the Mobile Computer segment - The Rocky RV11 laptop and the Rock DS11 Tablet PC. Both products are IP65 rated as well as certified to both MIL-STD-810G and MIL-STD-461F.

Rocky DS11

The DS11 is the first tablet in MilDef’s new design philosophy following the design and ruggedness of the DS11’s big brother; the RS11. Staying true to the MilDef brand the DS11 puts emphasis on low weight, a powerful Intel i7 CPU and a fully rugged design.

Rocky RV11

Without sacrificing any of its rugged performance for military applications, just as the Rocky RS11, the RV11 packs all the performance needed, and more. With main features such as an Intel i7-3517UE CPU, Intel HD graphics 4000 and a 15,6" LCD, SATA III SSD and up to 8 GB RAM, the user will have all the performance required in a highly rugged and slim package.


DB6 Amazing New handheld PC running Window

22 August, 2012 The new Handheld is Fully MIL-STD Certified, It Has Atom CPU running Window, up to 8 hour Battery and Sunlight readable 5” Touch screen.
Customers Can add to it their own or COTS cards, Software and connectors and come up with their own custom PC,
Weighting only 800gr It is an amazing Hand held PC, the device has been tested and approved by dozens of defense industry projects. More

NEW – Get free DB6 Demo To help develop your new Hand Held PC product

20 August, 2012 ALegible for a free Demo are Israeli Companies
Developing and marketing PC based Window applications
for the military, Homeland Security, and industrial markets.
Companies interested in testing their application on this amazing small Hand held Rugged computer
May contact “zeev” at 098351166 And order a demo unit. More
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