Sales and Consultation

Our Sales people have in depth knowledge of military computing, power and communication systems,

You can  get Our help in choosing the right products, adapting products to your project  and price quotes.

International & Central and South Israel Customers

Offices -Hamelacha 10 Rosh Ha'Ayin , Tel +972-9-8351166   Fax 972-9-8650999

Contact  Zeev Raviv - Rugged Computing   972-050-6492978 


Northern Israel - labs and offices, Kiryat Ata, Haifa 04-8813301

Contact Amiram Sharon - Rugged  computing  972-054-3181866

Technical Support

Mediatek Technical support staff, specifically trained to assist our customers in every possible way.
Avi Ben-Atar - Technical Support Manager 972-50-6492933 
Office: 972-4-8813322.

Industrial Communication

Alexander Karasyk - 054-6369042

Head Office - Administration / warehouse / shipping

Mediatek Ltd.20 Haluzei Hata'asiya st., Haifa 26294
Tel: 972 -4-8813300 Fax: 972-4-8813301

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