Technical support and service

Mediatek provides its customers 3 kinds of technical support;

  • Technical  consulting before purchasing.
  • Technical support during installation and usage.
  • After Sales Support  - Including On site service as well as Repair Service at Mediatek Israel Lab


Mediatek Sales engineers have years of experience in Military Rugged Computing, Power and communications .

You can benefit from free consulting in adapting the right product to your project .

For information on equipment durability standards MIL - STD and others click the appropriate tab on the right

Your contacts are:

International Customers  as well as Customers in Central and southern Israel 

Zeev Raviv -Rugged computers - 972-50-6492978

International and customers in North Israel

Amiram Sharon - Rugged  computing - 972-054-3181866 

Technical support and  the product installation

Avi ben Atar  -     Technical Support Manager  - 972-50-6492933

Lab repair and Field Service

Meital ben dahan- service 972-4-8813313

Mediatek backs up its customers with on-site service  & Board level repair at company's laboratory in Haifa

Industrial communication

Alexander Karasyk- 054-6369042

Kosta Glisman- 0524504191

We Repair Equipment down to the  component-level , in most cases the equipment will not be sent back to the manufacturer's laboratory.

Mediatek Stocks spare part and can provide service up to 10 years from date of purchase

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